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Nice posts there – thank’s for the interesting information.


Thank you, Oleg!

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what a nice surprise to happen upon your blogs! Somehow at Annual Conference I didn’t notice your name coming up — but I will next time, you can be sure. Your characterization of the “hobbity” doors got me.

(Brown wool socks today, since you asked.)


Wes Stanton

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Hello my dear Richenda! :)

I just wanted to let you know that I read a book review of your book ‘The Saint and the Fasting Girl’ by David Morton, and I loved it!!! He wrote such a great review and I’m completely excited for you! Congrats!!!

- Erica Irish wrote at Saturday August 8, 2009

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Hello Richenda…

Well, I just read your plea for comments (written September 28, 2009), and I thought I owed it to you to respond. Literally! I’ve just spent several hours pouring through and was completely entranced. What a labour of love you’ve produced and continue to produce! Congratulations! And I look forward to your book coming out soon, Birth-Promise … it must be on the verge of being born!

I was particularly pleased to find the site, as I, too am a writer and am working on a novel about medieval monasteries. Your transcription of English Monastic Life was wonderful to find, as the only copy I’ve seen is at the University of British Columbia Library here in Vancouver. I also recently found The Book of Days online and fully searchable! Two invaluable books for my work. So thanks for that too! Also the photochrom pictures are beautiful!

I haven’t even got a working title for my book, though it is well along, now. And recently, I started a blog about writing and the middle ages. I’d be interested in hearing what you think. My novel’s a little dark, quite frankly, and I’m struggling to bring a little lightness into it, a little humour, a few laughs. We’ll see.

I was initially drawn to the English Abbeys because I see them as being attempts to establish a kind of religious utopian community, cut off from the cares and concerns of the everyday world. Of course it’s next to impossible to achieve

I enjoyed reading your recent blog posts, especially the ones about the snowfall around Christmas-time. We got it here in Vancouver, too, and it was pretty remarkable. And yesterday, we woke up again to another snow dump … and it’s currently about zero degrees Celsius outside! The weather really does seem bizarre!

Well, keep up the good work, let me know where your novel sits and how I can get a copy, and God bless!

- David Morton

Dear David,

Hello neighbor! Your comment lightened my day, you are exactly the person I envisioned would find the sight most helpful. I struggled to find basic information (lamps? candles? laundry? beer? What’s “the great salting?”) regarding life in monasteries and when I came across English Monastic Life I knew I had to share. Check out also Shrines of British Saints, there are a lot of nuggets about monastic life in that book—some begging for outlet in humor.

Thank you for sharing about the Book of Days! (Find it here. ) And I should mention my recent title change for my book. It is now titled The Saint and the Fasting Girl. What do you think?

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Comment: Hello, Just to congratulate you on the excellent and interesting post on anchorites/anchoresses. I have included a link to this site from my blog ‘umblepie’ – a recent post on Paphnutius, one of the Desert Fathers. Hope this is in order. Many thanks.

-Brian Crowe ‘umblepie’

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