A Little Bio...as requested

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Hello! I am Richenda and I live a kind of triple life, I am a seminary student, a pastor, and a writer. I have written three books, two regional histories and a Tudor era historical fiction novel. The title is The Saint and the Fasting Girl. See my book page or my book blog for more information on that.

As for my love of history, here I am with a few of my favorite books.

Photo by Nathan Fairhurst. © Richenda Fairhurst, 2008. All rights reserved.

The big one on the stack is my favorite book in the world, The Hermits and Anchorites of England by Rotha Mary Clay. This book rocks. Not kidding. I love religious history. (For real.) It’s really interesting to try to get your mitts into it and try to get a sense of how and why religion and religious expression has mattered to people since the neolithic.

So Thank you for stopping by and sharing a little time with me! You will, I hope, find the Historyfish site useful for either a little light browsing or an info-crazed monastic afternoon. Two of my favorite articles up on the site at the moment are What are Anchorites? and What are Fasting Girls? . I find them very humbling.

And I’m thinking, while we can find ourselves a little goggle-eyed at the spectacle of history, I think it is important to remember that people in their time—whatever time that is or was—who chose to follow their hearts did so with great courage and enthusiasm. Certainly, I have deep respect for those who did so.

dona nobis pacem

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