On my feet again

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I’ve been hopping and limping since seminary started, thanks to a clumsy bit of business on my part. (See my previous blog about this.)

The good news is, however, that I am now boot-splint free! Whooopee!!

I probably wouldn’t have blogged about this except that my doctor was nice enough to let me snap this photo of him evaluating my newest set of x-rays.

Thank you Doctor S! My world is again hopping, skipping and jumping in the right direction.

Growing in Worship

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Guys! Get up! Really. I’m serious here. All y’all have to get back to church!

Here I am at seminary and I get to participate in some really wonderful worship services. The problem? I’m going to (eventually) graduate and I’m not going to be able to bring all that cool stuff to you at the parish. Why not? Because a lot of us don’t go to church so we don’t grow in Worship! And what a shame!

Don’t you crave sacred experiences in your life? Don’t you want to learn how to open yourself so you can hear God? Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend time experiencing the presence of God?

You do that with worship, especially worship that involves song, prayer, and community. Really. I promise. Get thee to a worship service. Find a pastor who speaks to you and a community who welcomes you and offers you a cookie. (My church is United Methodist. I can vouch for it, it’s great.) Whereever you go, just go! Practice spending time with God. Sing! Pray! Grow in worship! It’s worth it, I promise.

God is all around us. Just think what we’all could do together!

Can I get de-wormer with that?

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What do teenagers do? They bring home kittens. Kittens that have not been de-wormed, I might add.

To give my teen daughter some credit, this one is particularly adorable. But regardless, I have no clue how on earth we can keep it! We already have three other cats at my house, and two of them hate each other. This morning when I woke up, first thing between me and the coffee is a sea of cats. I’ve got the baby one hungry and mewing (he sounds like a squeaky duck toy). Next thing, rival one starts hissing because rival two dared to get too close to her water bowl. So I’m cooing to Miss Hiss saying “it’s okay, it’s okay,” and then chiding her “stop already!
He’s just sitting there. What? How can that hurt you?” Then the fourth one decides the baby needs a bath, from which I was nice enough to extricate him about half way through—mewing now piteously.

I tell you, I felt like the Cat Lady. All I needed was the slippers.

The good news is we’ve had a chance to spend a few days with this little guy and we can vouch for the fact that a) he’s litter trained and b) he’s an absolute darling. He’s social, vocal (he’s got some Siamese in him for sure), loves to snuggle, and trusts people. A gem.

Send me an email if you’re interested. (De-wormer included).

C'mon trespassers!

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I’m wandering around near the Willamette University campus and I came across this sign. And even though my camera blurred the words (I fixed it in photoshop), it was too awesome, I had to post it.

(Watch out for John the Baptist.)

Melito, On Faith

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I won’t show you the state of my dining room table—Okay, I will.

(That’s my kitty, Abbey. She’s helping.)

Suffice it to say I have a paper due. The topic? The book of Psalms in the Second Temple period (especially Psalm 1 and 91) viewed through the eyes of the mystics with an apocryphal exegesis. I haven’t yet, but I’ll throw some early Christian stuff in there, too.

Um…yeah. I know you’re jealous. :)

And I can tell you right now the professor will read it through and tell me that I tried to do too much in an eight page paper. In this way he will succinctly name the cause of all the troubles in my life.

But equally cool to this stack of Qumran texts and pseudepigrapha (accompanied by a far greater stack of scholarly interpretation) is this prayer by Melito. I discovered it while thumbing through the Ante-Nicene Fathers volume VIII. It is so wonderful I had to share it.


On Faith

We have collected together extracts
from the Law and the Prophets
relating to those things which have been declared
concerning our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may prove
to your love that this Being is perfect reason,
the Word of God;
He who was begotten before the light;
He who is Creator together with the Father;
He who is the Fashioner of man;
He who is all in all;
He who among the patriarchs is Patriarch;
He who in the law is the Law;
among the priests, Chief Priest;
among kings, the Ruler;
among prophets, the Prophet;
among the angels, Archangel;
in the voice of the preacher, the Word;
among spirits, the Spirit;
in the Father, the Son;
in God, God;
King for ever and ever.
For this is He who was pilot to Noah;
He who was guide to Abraham;
He who was bound with Isaac;
He who was in exile with Jacob;
He who was sold with Joseph;
He who was captain of the host with Moses;
He who was the divider of the inheritance with Jesus the son of Nun;
He who in David and the prophets announced His own sufferings;
He who put on a bodily form in the Virgin;
He who was born in Bethlehem;
He who was wrapped in swaddling-clothes in the manger;
He who was seen by the shepherds;
He who was glorified by the angels;
He who was worshipped by the Magi;
He who was pointed out by John;
He who gathered together the apostles;
He who preached the kingdom;
He who cured the lame;
He who gave light to the blind;
He who raised the dead;
He who appeared in the temple;
He who was not believed on by the people;
He who was betrayed by Judas;
He who was apprehended by the priests;
He who was condemned by Pilate;
He who was pierced in the flesh;
He who was hanged on the tree;
He who was buried in the earth;
He who rose from the place of the dead;
He who appeared to the apostles;
He who was carried up to heaven;
He who is seated at the right hand of the Father;
He who is the repose of those that are departed;
the recoverer of those that are lost;
the light of those that are in darkness;
the deliverer of those that are captive;
the guide of those that go astray;
the asylum of the afflicted;
the bridegroom of the Church;
the charioteer of the cherubim;
the captain of the angels;
God who is from God;
the Son who is from the Father;
Jesus Christ the King for evermore!


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