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Hi Richenda,

I want to create a hubpage about medieval book painting in Europe because I just love it.

So I’m searching for content, both text and images. During the last week I’ve searched like crazy to find some stuff. But I’m complete confused about public domain and if I’m allowed to use it. The hubpage I’m intending to publish is to show others the beauty of this paintings and to give additional informations. And it is also showing adverts.

Now I’m standing here helpless because I don’t want to hurt any laws.

As You may have noticed I’m a German and sometimes not sure that I get the right meaning of this “copyright thing”.

It would be wonderful to get some material. Maybe You could give me some advice where to find it.

Kindest greetings from Germany

Hi Ina!
I feel your pain. Copyright law has become unusably convoluted. I do my very best to make sure that everything on my site that is public domain is marked clearly, but even then because I am not a copyright law attorney, I can only offer my best guess assessment. I have two suggestions. First, you can do some research online with the US Library of Congress. They have a Prints and Photographs section from which a number of the Photochroms on this site have come. Those images have been labeled ‘no known restrictions on publication.’ You can see that even the Library of Congress stops short of declaring Public Domain because of the legal trickery! But, in my thinking, if they say ‘no restrictions’ I can pass that information along. The second source of images is Wikipedia Commons. The Wiki community has been wonderfully proactive in making old images available in the Public Domain where they belong.

Good luck!

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