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Hi Richenda
Regarding Baptismal Fonts in the Medieval Church

Just came to your wonderful page on medieval fonts whilst researching my current novel – invaluable, thank you!

Just a thought on one of the inscriptions you quote:

“Wyht owt [doubte a]ll [sic] may be saved
Of yor charete pra for them yt yis font mayd.
Robert clevying pson.
Robert Appilton.
Ave maria gra plena dns tecu bndicta tu in mu.
lade help. Ihs.” (from page 181)

I wondered whether ‘pson’ might be ‘parson’ – thus Robert Clevying might be the parson who commissioned the font and Robert Appilton the mason. Though this is rather called into question by the fact that Clevying might be a wonderful name for a mason…

Alis H.

Hi Alis!
Ooo….love the idea here. And it is very possible as the term ‘Parson’ comes into use in the 13th century, plenty of time to be used on this Tudor font.

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