The Territorial

Posted by: Richenda at Tuesday January 15, 2008 in

Is there really anything more fun than poking through old photographs at two in the morning? lol. Maybe not.

Though my trip through abe books was also fun—nostalgic mostly. A nostalgia I can’t afford, mostly!

I was named from the book Richenda and the Chalet School by Elinor Brent-Dyer. Unfortunately, my mother sold her Chalet School books in the early 1980s, in California. But I’d love to get the book back. —yeah, right. Heck, I’d just like to have one. Trouble is, I can’t afford any of them, not even ones that couldn’t possibly be my mother’s book. The Chalet Series goes to collectors, now, and collectors shell out $200 or more for the ‘Richendas’ of the 1950s.

No money for nostalgia today, lol.

I did come across something else pretty neato, though. A beard trimming chart from the 1890s. Wow…some serious beardage going on, and in your choice of styles, the Perennial, the Sagebrush, San Diego, Stucco, Vidette, Spartan, Imperial, Pennant, Leg O’Mutton, Burnsides Full, Burnsides Short, Patrician, Dundreary and Picador.

To this classy group I might suggest one more addition, ‘the Territorial’ (which seems mostly the same as the Perennial, but not quite as well pruned…):

I wonder which one the ladies of the day preferred? I can’t imagine Leg O’Mutton was too popular, but you never know…

As for Sagebrush and Stubble, they seem to be making a 21st century comeback, lol.

Most of the beard trimming styles on that chart I could relegate to a lovable, eccentric uncle. As for my man, though…I’m thinking maybe not.

For instance, what’s with that Dundreary shape?

I think you could do yourself harm trying to move around the kitchen with a man sporting that kind of facial hair. There you are, innocently minding the tomatoes. Then, you make a quick decision to pop over to the sink to wash-the-wax-off-before-you-start-dicing, and WHAM! you collide with bristles that can only be described as an accident with liquid nails. So much for your hair, your neck, your face… It’s re constructive surgery for you, baby.

I think I’ll stick with the Sagebrush.

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