Material Culture!

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I got another book!

(Arg…two kids in college I do NOT have the budget for this.)


Thank you Bailgate Books! I always know I’ve gotten something wonderful when I get a parcel in the mail from the UK. You just can’t get some of this stuff in the states.

This book is another of the Antiquary’s Books, English Church Furniture by J. Charles Cox and Alfred Harvey, second edition 1908. It did not disappoint, chock full of sketches, a number of plates… And the best part? Wedged between pages 95 and 96 were a few bonus articles, clipped, copied and saved by some previous owner who, it seems to me, anyway, is as nuts about the medieval church as I am.

Yup. The material culture of a fellow book loving, newspaper clipping, ‘print-button’ pressing ecclesi-enthusiast. The only thing better might be a plentiful gloss penciled messily in the margins.

I blanked out the text above because I’m not sure about copyright. The article is dated 1939, and so may still be protected. I am posting the clipping here as a material culture ‘artifact’, not as an article. (Though the article is deadly wonderful, as well. I bet the British Library online would have a copy if you wanted to read it.)

So…who is M. Hudleston? Her name is in the book. Is she the originator of the treasure ‘tween pages 95 and 96? Is she the one who carefully saved the article The Story of Church Doors, from The Sign, dated 1939? Is the article Seats in Church copied out in her hand? How cool is this?

BTW. Belated congratulations (seventy years late) to Mr. Josiah Mason-Guttridge and Sir Robert Abbott Hatfield. And wishing Sir John Gilmour a speedy answer to the wheat question.

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