Lummi Island Getaway

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Ooo… What a treat! Jon and I have escaped to Lummi Island for a long weekend. As we speak I am enjoying a jazzy, acoustic serenade and devil’s chocolate birthday cake from yesterday. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

My man, my musician:

I’m going to heartily recommend Lummi (like ‘yummy’) Island for a weekend get-away. It’s especially perfect for those folks who have a kid at Western Washington University. It’s close enough to Bellingham to see your kid, but still an ‘away from it all’ northern Island paradise with a population of about 1400: artists, musicians, families, a few recluses, a few yuppies, and us. What a life.

Willows Inn is located on the south side of the island right by the water. Lovely, really lovely. A big country-comfortable house built in 1914 and now a bed and breakfast. There’s a big five star kitchen upstairs, and a cozy pub downstairs called the Tap Root.

The Willows Inn pub.

The view of Orcas Island from Sunset Beach in front of the Willows Inn.

And, yup. I rode a bicycle. That’s what they do here, the crazy, in-shape fools. And I, too, rode a bike and lived to tell the tale. I was pretty sure the whole thing would lead to my abject humiliation. As I checked under the seat for spiders, my near future played out in my mind: Me, after just a few short yards, falling off the bicycle onto the rocks, panting and gasping and left without even enough strength to crawl under a rock to hide my shame. lol. Um… I’m not kidding here.

Instead I biked six miles! And the scenery was worth it. There are still fishing float tracks that lead to the sea. (Be careful. They hurt your bum when you ride over them.) And there are cows. And sheep. And Llamas. And horses. We also passed a weathered old house that the locals call the Rat Palace. I guessed it right, built in the 1890s. Wouldn’t it be great to see this old house restored?

Granger Ranch cows:

The Rat Palace:

So, I am now the bicycle king. lol. We rode six miles yesterday and seven today. We rode all the way round the northern half of the island. (Okay. So we walked some of it. The hilly bits.) We stopped at a couple of cute shops near the ferry dock. That’s the only way on or off the island, btw, you have to take the ferry. And someone was nice enough to pay my son’s ferry fare when he came to visit because he didn’t have the $2. Thank you kind stranger!

The Whatcom Chief ferry at night:

Some other pictures from our trip:

Liftoff! Our trip begins on Friday night with a little something for the road.

Breakfast with Nathan on Saturday morning at Tony’s Coffee in Fairhaven. What a bustle-y breakfast spot. Delicious. I can heartily recommend the Eggs Toulouse.

After Saturday breakfast, Nathan gave us a quick parent’s tour of WWU. Western’s campus mixes whimsy into its open spaces. I especially liked this little guy perched with his rock. This is just a portion of the overall ‘work.’ A lot of fun.

After we arrived on the island Saturday, we strolled up Sunset Beach. At the top are a number of tide-smoothed sandstone boulders. Someone placed river rock into the pockets in the stone to make this imaginative and lively art-of-place.

We biked past this picturesque church on Sunday morning, the Lummi Island Congregational Church. I said to my husband as I took this picture, “Now I can tell Bryan I went to church on Sunday!” Actually, had I known it was there I might have gone to services. How cool is that? A lovely island church.

Update: The church has a website!

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