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Goodness me, my little project took a lot of time. I stumbled on the ‘views of England’ photochrom collection on the Library of Congress site and look what happened next! Hours and hours of work.

Worth it, all worth it. And I am excited because this is the official re-launch of the Abbey (and Photochrom ) Pages. I scaled back my original vision drastically. Originally I wanted to create a page for every Abbey. I could dream, right? I think I got a total of 8 pages done that way.

The pages now are much more extensive in terms of photography, though the descriptions are a little lean. Still, photographs include Folk & Costume, Landscapes, Throne Rooms, and Shrines as well as Abbeys and Cathedrals. The monastic aspect, however, is what really intrigues me, so that is the main focus. I will continue to flesh these pages out, but at a much slower pace. And I’ll work primarily on my Monastic Pages . I have two books waiting to be transcribed after English Monastic Life and that will be a big enough project to keep me busy for months.

(After all, all the web time is really stolen time, isn’t it.)

But yay!! I am in a celebratory mood! I will have to temporarily spring myself from the carrel and the cloister (At the moment I am working at a small table by the window in the library, lol.) so I can shout my joy at finishing this latest, largest bit.

But before I pack up and shout, there are a few awards I want to hand out. I have spent a lot of time with these images and there are a few that really deserve
special mention.

Most Overexcited Architecture, to the Germans for the Cathedral at Cologne.

Most Beautiful Ruins goes to Tintern Abbey despite the fact that Tintern is such a shoe-in for this category that I was determined to chose something else.

Most idealized. All these photographs qualify for consideration in this category, but this one is really stretching it. It is a very idealized, western gaze on the ‘beautiful bucolic life’ of the shepherd in the Holy Land.

Most Natural Beauty. In amongst this idealized collection, I had to include this photograph. Not part of the Detroit Photochroms, this picture captures the spontaneous spirit of a pretty Tunisian girl.

Most Ethereal. It’s hard not to give all the architecture points to Germany, especially the Bavarians, but this photograph of the Cathedral in Slovenia is really just spectacular.

Most Beautiful Costume. I do not wear a veil or a burqua, and as a suburban woman of the west, I have a very hard time making sense of the ideologies that inform the garment. But…there is no denying that this photograph makes an impression on the viewer, both for the beauty of cloth and the statement of the garment.

Most Picturesque. A three way split, between the church in Aix, France,

St. Angelo’s in Italy

And the rustic Markarska Cathedral

Most Likely to be Compensating for Something (like, living in a valley.)

Two awards for this one,
Best Gate and Most Likely to be Manned by Orcs

Another Lord of the Rings award goes to Fantloft church, awarded
Horse Lord Favorite

Best Fairytale Castle. Got to love those Bavarian Castles, and if Cinderella didn’t marry into this one Disney’s got the whole thing terribly wrong.

Best Use of Ivy. To England’s Raglan Castle:

Most Pointy. Yet another win for the Germans. (Stiff competition for this one.)

Best Graveyard to Douglas Church on the Isle of Man:

and finally, Most Amazing All ‘round:
First Place to the convent Mara Saba:

And Second Place to the gravity defying builders of Lichtenstein:

These images and much more can be found on my Photochrom Pages . I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

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