Get Me Those Eggs!!

Posted by: Richenda at Sunday August 12, 2007 in


You really have to know this group so anyone reading this won’t thing this is one whit funny. Though maybe younger brothers everywhere will roll their eyes in a knowing way….

But I found a little note written on the back of an envelope. It’s from my older son’s friend Matt to my younger son Michael. (Matt and Nathan had to run out and try to organize sets. But they can’t film at the jail after all. :( Not enough notice.) But Matt’s wonderful and Michael has hung around with that group so long he’s like friend and younger brother to the whole group. But they still razz him for his long emo-style hair and junior status.

(At this point, however Michael is indispensable. He’s smart, and knows his way around sound recordings and a boom microphone. He’s now the on-set recording engineer. They couldn’t do without him.)

I’m not sure where the junior-guy joke “make me some eggs” got started, but it stuck. Maybe it’s from the movie Willow when Mad Maudigan bellows for the Brownies to: “Hey! Get me some eggs!!” ? Sounds possible.

Anyway, had to post the note when I found it. Some things you never outgrow! So, in solidarity to friends and brothers everywhere, here it is:

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