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Book launch, Yay!

My friend Kat Richardson’s new book, Poltergeist, sequel to Greywalker, came out today!

I wasn’t able to go to Seattle for the ‘sequel launch’ but I got to celebrate anyway. I popped on over to Barnes and Noble and snagged a copy of Poltergeist from the fancy ‘buy me! buy me!’ promotional box on display in the Sci-fi/fantasy book section.

I was so whipped up into a celebratory frenzy that I frightened my fellow book browsers by snatching up my LG Verizon phone for a quick snap. lol.

(Ok, ok, so the pic’s a little fuzzy. I’m not a photographer, k? I’m twitchy. I can’t hold still.)

(And no, I didn’t add that red star thing-y in photoshop. That was on the box in the store. For real. Some crazy weird obsessed fan did that.)

Anyway, book in hand, I then bragged loudly at the checkout about how super-close Kat and I are, friends since before birth and joined at the foot before surgery and all that kind of stuff. And then I scurried home.

I haven’t had so much fun since I went to Kat’s Greywalker party and got anaphylactic shock!

[Note to readers: Never try a new anti-biotic before traveling.]

Since I didn’t get to go to party my book isn’t signed, but Kat will be in Portland (Beaverton) on the 20th, so mark your calendars.

It is a bummer that I missed the party, though. ‘Specially since I missed seeing another good friend of mine. ( And she knows her way around good food and so I missed a good meal in the bargain. Drats.) But I did get to visit with Kat just last week when she was in Portland. (She tried to snooze in my spare room while my teenagers played music until three in the morning….um….sorry about that.)

Ta da!
Who could ever hope to really have this much fun again?

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