Who is Jane Benjamin?

Posted by: Richenda at Saturday June 30, 2007 in

My books are here! Well, some of them. I have three more coming. Yes!

The pics in English Seals may not be worth scanning and posting, they’re really too poor in quality and only the most basic details are in evidence.

But English Monastic Life (find my web version here )boasts three maps (one largish) of monastery plans and a number of drawings of monastic costume—what a boon! I had the hardest time trying to find anything in particular about monkish habits over the medieval centuries. I will scan and post these as soon as my office is cleaned up.

[Note to self: You really have to clean your office first. No whining.]

As to L.P. Welby, who bought the book and signed it in 1904, and Nichola Mireley, who owned it after, thank you, thank you for your book and for the maps still neatly folded. Would that I knew you both and so a little of this volume’s history.

The other book Manorial Records, 321.3 H75, belonged to Bryn Mawr College Library, with a shadow on page one that suggests an owner’s bookplate was removed at some point since. Inside the back cover is an old library pocket complete with stamp card. Jane Benjamin was the last named person to check the book out, due November 7, 1961—before I was born. Jane checked the book out twice, renewing it from September. A fresh Date Due sheet on the facing page bears a single stamp, 15 May, 1978.


What is it about history, even the smallest stamp, that is so enthralling to me? Is it that sense of human connection through time? People, events, books, minds, hopes, dreams…. Yes, I think it is.

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