Books--Oh Boy!

Posted by: Richenda at Tuesday June 19, 2007 in

Nothing like spending money on a few more books. I just ordered four through Abe and I can’t wait. They are four out-of-print ‘Antiquaries Books’ with plates included.

I plan to read and love them, as well as scan the plates for my blog—or work the plates into web pages in and of themselves as the books are all out of copyright at this point and can be shared.

As to my abbey pages…so sorry for neglecting those. I kind of got stymied because ideally I’d like to post slightly larger jpgs so that historyfish visitors can download a more printable copy. (Just take the file to your local all-mart and presto! Photographic prints!) But I can’t figure out how to load the files so they can be properly accessed, and I haven’t had ‘fiddle’ time.

[Note to self: Find some fiddle time.]

Nope. I’ve been wearing my write-it-all hat this last few weeks. I’ve started a how-to draft, finished two picture book manuscripts, and developed a board/card game.

My list is long.

But the books are coming! Yes!

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