Bone Eating Zombie Worms

Posted by: Richenda at Monday April 23, 2007 in

How many bone-eating zombie worms can you fit into a Volkswagen? I guess that would depend on how many whales you could fit in there, as bone-eating zombie worms afflict whales.

Another name for the worm is ‘bone-eating snot flower.’ (Who thinks these names up!) And creepy as the worm/flowers sound, they are actually quite amazing
looking, with colored fronds waving around as if they were some sort of gooey fern.

Here’s another term for you, ‘whale fall.’ I guess whales are sort of the ancient redwoods of the forest. When they die, their carcasses become ‘whale fall’ and are like the rotting tree trunks of the ocean floor.

I have to admit I find the idea of “whale fall” almost as entertaining as the name “zombie worm.” Can you imagine being on the ocean floor minding your own briney business only to suddenly look up to see a dead gigantor-whale-o-saurus headed right for you? Look out!

Still, it shows a good imagination. I get tired of names like “brown striped shore fish.” Hm…do you think it has brown stripes and lives near the shore? Yawn.
But ‘snot flower?’ Good one! I mean, who knows what that thing is or what it gets up to.

And to think, they pay people to think this stuff up. That must be a pretty good job.

Of course it isn’t all champagne and congratulations for the marine researcher set. There was that embarrassing little thing a few weeks ago where a group of researchers decided they really, really, really needed to know where walruses go for the summer.

To track the massive, mollusk-crunching beasts scientists risked their lives in teeny boats to get close enough to shoot radio transmitters into a few walrus rear ends. Bummer, though. All but one of the transmitters fell off or quit working all together. Score: Walruses 9, Researchers 0. Silly researchers! The walruses are on to you and Walrus Paradise Island is a secret.

*(Note to mollusk researchers: Speaking of mollusks, is it true that slugs have four
noses? I know they are hermaphroditic, and have more teeth than sharks….but noses? I don’t know.)*

Strange little day.

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