Abbey Pages Up!

Posted by: Richenda at Wednesday February 28, 2007 in

I’ve got the first Ruined Abbeys page and pictures up, you can get to my abbey pages here

It’s going too slowly and I am finding I am way too distracted with all the goodies at Library of Congress. This gem for instance:

But, well, there it is. I figure I will be able to fill out the pages over time. At this point, all my work is for my own pleasure, anyway. And my five mysterious visitors. Hello!

When I am done with the Abbey Pages I envision they will have little notes and tidbits added to give information about each abbey, as well as a link to somewhere helpful, such as the British National Museum or someplace or other.

I am also hoping to eventually add a page for ‘castles’, especially as I have some fabulous pictures of those—including a couple of photographs of the ruins of Tintagel, King Arthur’s fortress.

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