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I’ve been gorging myself on .tif files. My first sin of Lent. :(

Trouble is I was like my cat Snowflake near a newly opened box. I just had to get in, I just couldn’t help myself. And it was such a lovely nest of Photochrom prints, including many photographs of castles and abbeys. The best thing about these photographs is that they were taken between 1890-1900, and so there are no cars, no crowds, and no modern shopping malls or skyscrapers to mar the historical context of the photo.

I’m thinking I’ll have to put together some pages for historyfish featuring the best of the bunch. In the meantime, I’m going to share a few tonight before I go to sleep!

The Northumbrian Whitby Abbey:

There’s great information about Whitby on the English Heritage site

The Irish Muckross Abbey:

For more information, see the Killarney National Park

The Scottish Lincluden Abbey:

More information on the UK’s Future Museum Project

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