$165 to the vet

Posted by: Richenda at Wednesday February 21, 2007 in

But she’s worth it.

What is it with cats? They are basically non-stop vomit machines, spewing up bits of grass, catfood, and hairballs indiscriminately. Ours love to eat, sleep, sit and stare unblinking at us as we move around, and then vomit. I wonder if that’s commentary?

(Note to our cats: STOP IT!)

But poor pretty Snowflake got sick with an infection and got to visit the vet today :( She’ll be better soon, though I have to give her pills. Last time I tried that she refused to swallow and instead chewed and chewed and chewed and foamed that little pill up to a hundred times its previous mass, snorting and flinging her head around the entire time. It would have been funny had she not been so desperate to spit it out!

I’m armed this time, though. We discovered Pill Pockets! Those things are awesome!

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