Material Culture III

Posted by: Richenda at Wednesday June 3, 2009 in

Going through my office. There were a few boxes put aside a few years ago, they’ve been in limbo at the back of the closet. And things are changing for me. So I’m dredging them up, sorting them out, seeking to live into the vocation of my life.

And what dusty treasures there are.

A set of note cards from when I was studying to take the GRE. I have to laugh at words like extirpate, appurtenance, mephitic (actually I like that one). People say I have far too large a vocabulary as it is! Lol. I’m sesquipedalian, shall we say! Lol. But if I’m the only one to enjoy my jokes, I ask you, what’s the point?

No, these are best set aside. Why fill my memory with so many unnecessary syllables? Speak Plainly! Goodbye to the linguistic bibelot! I will reach instead for hardy Anglo-Saxon words. I will squat over them, pinch them together, and whack them into shape. That’s more fun, anyway.

And on into the boxes… to find a envelope with a baby tooth inside. Why did I not mark which child the tooth belonged to??

A note from a 1995 family camping trip.

A picture my daughter drew for me when I was “Mama” and she was six, with hearts and bunny rabbits.

A notebook I kept when my sister died of cancer. A shopping list. A note. A list of medications, a dispensing log that starts with handfuls of pills and ends with simply morphine: ½ dropper every ½ hour. And then she was gone. God bless my beautiful sister, I miss her so much.

I have rolled beeswax candles, too. And some hand dipped. I think I wash off the dust and light them, and think of Charlie.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. God makes me lie down in green pastures; leads me beside still waters; and restores my soul

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