Spring! Spring! Spring!

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For some reason I am really loving the spring this year. I don’t think you can blame it on the rainy Pacific Northwest winter (as my hubby is inclined to do) because we have springs after rainy Pacific Northwest winters every year, and even so, this particular year I have just felt a joy and exhilaration with the season that surpasses the usual.

(The cat seems to be excited, too. Figaro is stalking bugs in the grass. He’s very, very sneeeaky…)

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He may look tough, but he’s a wimp, trust me. And that’s good because I don’t want him to chase away the birds.

For I am loving the rusty-breasted thrushes that cluster around the pothole in my driveway for a bath, pecking and gossiping with each other. I am loving the bald eagle with his fluffy bloomers who swept down over the Columbia River in pursuit of some prey, talons outstretched and pantaloons wafting in the breeze. What more perfect thing than to capture prey in puffy pants? Reminds me of the 17th century pirates with their foppery. Danger and style together striking like silk into the water…

Or what about the tiny lilac buds, tightfisted in quarters like tiny grapes-in-waiting for more sun. Or the rhododendron cone-buds, so tight at first no color can seep through. But then gradually, so gradually, the cones split into winking waves of color, and finally (soon!) explode into garnet, fuchsia, cream-cotton, and Easter bonnet blue.

Enough pretty prose. My hubby’s been stalking spring this year with a camera, and taking pretty pictures. Here’s a few I think are well worth sharing. Like this one of a bee covered in pollen, he looks candied in powdered sugar, does he not?

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Or this one, off he goes.

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Or what about bunnies. Boy o’boy the cottontails this spring! Last year a particular baby western brush rabbit chose our front walk as a favorite feeding ground. We named ‘Franklin,’ and I am thinking if this is Franklin back again this spring, he has grown much over the wintertime!

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These two bunnies were feeding out by the walnut tree and fled from the camera.

I love how Jon captured one of them in mid-leap!

Here’s a wonderful photo of a red wing blackbird among the rushes.

And then there is the woodpile and the wood I stacked. (That’s right, I stacked the wood. Chivalry is dead.)

This was a fifteen year old Douglas fir tree. It was planted too close to its neighbors, and they were closing in around it. The result was a sad lack of branches as it could not get to the sun, so we took it out. I hated to do it, but it wasn’t thriving and now its three neighbors are better spaced. I stacked the logs into a nice woodsy pile near the front of the house, but we’ll need a splitter for the big ones. What do you think my chances are that one of my sons will split them for me this summer?

As for the lambs, I wish I had sent Jon to take a picture of them a few weeks ago when they were still knock-kneed and bleating. They’ve doubled in size already, it seems! (They grow up so fast…) But none the less there is nothing like seeing the lambs in springtime and here’s a wonderful couple of photographs of the sheep and lambs in the pasture.

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It’s every bit as bucolic as it looks. There was even a little bit of kerfuffle on ‘pasture picture day’ when one of the lambs attempted an escape. I’m not sure he really thought it through, however. For after he found himself free and outside the gate, he decided he didn’t want to be free after all and kicked around it bleating.

As far as escape attempts go, it’s really not the lamb that’s the problem. It’s the large ram you have to watch. In autumn, he likes to burrow under the fence and eat the ripe apples from the tree along the road. He’s harmless, (he’s a sheep!) but one look at those horns and city folks, delivery men, and passers-by are inclined to leave him alone and let him eat all the apples he wants.

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