163 Bishops Serve up Breakfast

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Here’s the kind of ministry I love. The United Methodist bishops, during their conference this week in Washington DC, arranged to provide and serve breakfast to migrant workers. Here’s a pic from #rethinkchurch twitpics:

UM bishops serve food at #RethinkChurch event on Twitpic

UM bishops serve food at #RethinkChurch event on Twitpic

Here’s a blurb from the UMC:

The top spiritual leaders of The United Methodist Church are rethinking the way they combat poverty and rolling up their sleeves in the process. On May 5, 2009, many United Methodist bishops will embrace the plight of migrant workers by taking to the streets of the Washington, DC area to serve the workers breakfast.

Church leaders hope that reaching out and embracing migrant workers will inspire others to rethink church as an experience that extends beyond the church walls and into communities. By taking a hands-on approach, United Methodist leaders hope to demonstrate there are thousands of ways in which a person can engage with the church—many of them non-traditional.

“The United Methodist Church wants people to begin thinking of church as an active verb; people taking action to better the lives of others. While ministries vary from church to church, United Methodist churches offer thousands of services and opportunities in the United States and abroad,” said Palmer.

If you want a link, here’s one I like 10 Thousand Doors.

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