Mystic Monk Coffee

Posted by: Richenda at Thursday April 2, 2009 in

Okay…poking my nose through twitter and came across this gem: Mystic Monk Coffee. You know the moment I loaded the page and saw among their offerings a ‘Midnight Vigil’s Blend’ I got all excited! And then to see ‘Hermits’ Bold Blend’ as well? I’m a little out of control right now.

So, in addition to placing an order, I just have to give a shout out to the Carmelite Monks in Northern Wyoming.

Why monks brewing coffee? I’ll let them explain it: “if you got up at midnight every day to pray the psalms, you would want a blend of coffee to drink that is strong and robust[, too]…”

So…visit their site! It offers a little history of Carmelite coffee roasting, and lovely jpgs of coffee beans. You can almost smell the roast.

[Update, April 7: Coffee arrived this morning (with even a nice little note) and I am now sipping on my first cup of Hermits’ Blend. Yuuuummmm. It’s goood.]

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