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Posted by: Richenda at Friday March 27, 2009 in

Wow! Humble Historyfish never had it so good!

This week I had the tremendous pleasure to get to share my love of the medieval religious with a fellow medievalist. Not just any medievalist, mind you, a lovely writerly one with exquisite prose. (And he cooks, too!)

It’s the prose, baby, the prose! With all the clunky and utilitarian writing you see today, what a treat it is to open up an article and be transported to a place of warm, sugar-cane caramel. Even better when all that caramel is wrapped around Historyfish! What a treat to be mentioned alongside D.H.Lawrence and William Wordsworth, all gently crafted into honeycake. Yum.

It’s the words, baby, the words. Check out David Morton’s Inspiring Places: Historyfish.net at the Inspiratorium. (Shh! The monks are working!) And bring a cup of tea with you to the laptop because this is your chance to savor some good writing.

[Note to David Morton: Thank you! You made my week! When you have a title for your book, be sure to let me know. I can’t wait.]


  1. Well, thank YOU, Richenda! The Internet is an amazing place that allows these kinds of connections to be made. Our shared interest is a little esoteric, I think, and knowing someone else is doing something similar is really uplifting. We just need to use our words, as I used to say to my kids.

    Incidentally, my post on Historyfish.net has received some good comments and I hope some of the viewers actually go to your site and see for themselves what an amazing monument it is … OK, enough of the mutual admiration society!

    I’m not cooking today, so I can get as much writing done today as I can before the weekend. … Have a beautiful day!


    David Morton wrote at Friday March 27, 2009 · #

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