One large Step for World Peace

Posted by: Richenda at Friday October 12, 2007 in

I hate to be so flippant in the title, because what I am blogging about today is so important. But I can’t help the joy that I feel. I mean, what happened today in a ‘big international’ way is just a reflection of the small, every day acts of tolerance and understanding that are already taking place, and really will change our world for the better.

Today I learned of a letter sent to His Holiness the Pope by a group of 130 Muslim scholars, a letter which represents a “consensus” of the best minds within the faith. Reading the letter I am struck by how sincerely the writer seems to want to communicate and how important it seems to him to make clear the tenets of the Muslim faith so that we can perhaps move past outdated perspectives and assumptions.

I am a person of great ignorance. There is so much to know, and I know about enough to make a bead of water from a drop of dew. And, I am absolutely not going to wade ignorantly into the crevasse that is Religious Politics. (I prefer to be an observer from afar, and hope I learn something.) Besides, even if I did try to make some sort of intelligent remark, there is no way I can speak my many and complex feelings. Where could I hope to start?


No small part of me is overjoyed in the promise and potential of this letter. No small part of me is hopeful beyond imaginings that we can turn to this kind of dialog in place of the kind of misinformation that leads to acts of violence.

Can I dream about a world of shared understanding and a global peace? Today I think I can. And I am going to hope tomorrow is the same.

I don’t know much about this website, but I will pass the link along. The site is called The Official Site of the Common Word. The letter is titled A Common Word Between Us and You. You can find a PDF of the letter posted on Common Word, with a text based summary of the letter posted here

— Richenda

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