First Post

Posted by: Richenda at Monday February 19, 2007 in

Well, it took me all day but the upside is that I have finally figured out how to implement a basic starter design and get the ball rolling. CSS?! I had my first brush with it today. I feel like I spent the day in a forum, all right: the Roman Forum…wrestling lions. As a consequence, I’m really too tired to write now.

(Note to my oldest child: ‘Pancreas’ was not an ancient Roman warrior.)

Hm…Neither was spleen, come to think of it!

This, then, is my first blog. I haven’t quite decided what direction to take. History? Life? Maybe offer some critique for those who might want someone to look at their work and don’t mind sharing the results publicly? I’m a writer after all. And a darned good story analyst.

So I have to decide what, exactly, I’m planning to do here. Suggestions?

Oh, and I should probably introduce myself. I love history. I love books. I love my children. I’m married to a cutie pie musician. I like morning thunderstorms and spring rain in the afternoon. I like ferns and johnny jump ups and fistfuls of black eyed susans.


And volcanoes. I like those, too.

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