Vin Weasel

Posted by: Richenda at Sunday August 12, 2007 in

So much for a nap….can’t sleep. And another hour down. They don’t seem to have trouble with sleep, though. So I’m picking up the mess around them and passing out blankets to anyone I see shivering.

It’s is also quite astonishing how many soda cans our 48 hour festival team can drink and empty in this house. It’s like Easter around here, except that instead of the Easter Bunny hiding colored eggs, I have a cohort of Actor Bunnies stashing soda cans.

It’s kind of pretty, actually, like red and silver and green and gold Christmas ornaments in a living Holiday tree…except that it’s soda pop and aluminum containers we’re talking about. I’m not sure which is worse, the sugar or the
consumer waste.

But all in the name of art and synergy!

And speaking of art and synergy I found my 4:00 am lyrics revision sheet. lol. Um….not pretty. Most of the lyrics were finished by 2 in the morning or so, but one of the verses was a little trite and so I thought I’d work some revision. The rules? I needed to make the syllables work, we have to move the plot forward, and use words and phrases the character would use.

It was probably too much to ask at 4 am. I’d like to take credit for the final result, but, though I came up with the rhyme ‘Vin Weasel’ (which is genius), I would have discarded it if Jeff D. hadn’t convinced me not to. And it was my husband who came up with the phrase “king of wussy-land,” lol. A little sophomoric, you say? Yeah. But perfect for the character. And it works wonderfully on screen. Here’s my worksheet:

Not pretty! I liked the spider ending, but that got dropped when filming. Didn’t need it. And the ‘rant in the vent’ works really well without it.

Time is ticking…

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