Buyer Beware.

Posted by: Richenda at Sunday September 21, 2008 in

While pawing through the Craigslist ads in search of a used car we came on this gem, a listing from Bellingham. The ad listed an unusual creature feature, lol—and I absolutely had to post it. For your $4,000 bucks you get a lovely white Volvo wagon: manual transmission, leather seats, and rust free. But be warned:

a bear chewed the bumper (seriously) and there are some scratches in the paint from its teeth. Purely cosmetic, possibly adds character?

I’d love to post the photograph of the bumper (complete with toothmarks), but I didn’t want to post the image without permission. Instead, you’ll just have to imagine it for yourself, lol. Think bear. Grrr…. :)

“Large black bear at garbage pails on wagon, Yellowstone National Park.” Published by Ingersoll View Company, c1905. St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A.

The above image was printed on a stereograph card, and unfortunately the largest downloadable size isn’t very large. If it helps, however, you can download it here. (1MB)

And just for all y’all’s enjoyment, I downloaded a couple more to-die-for-cute bear pictures:

From the Frank Carpenter Collection, Library of Congress. Alaska, 1900-1930.

You can download a 2000kb jpg of this image of the girls and bear cubs here.

Teddy Bears in a New York Factory. George Grantham Bain Collection. Library of Congress. 1915.

Download a 1900kb jpg of the Teddy Bear factory image here.

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