Can I get de-wormer with that?

Posted by: Richenda at Saturday October 11, 2008 in

What do teenagers do? They bring home kittens. Kittens that have not been de-wormed, I might add.

To give my teen daughter some credit, this one is particularly adorable. But regardless, I have no clue how on earth we can keep it! We already have three other cats at my house, and two of them hate each other. This morning when I woke up, first thing between me and the coffee is a sea of cats. I’ve got the baby one hungry and mewing (he sounds like a squeaky duck toy). Next thing, rival one starts hissing because rival two dared to get too close to her water bowl. So I’m cooing to Miss Hiss saying “it’s okay, it’s okay,” and then chiding her “stop already!
He’s just sitting there. What? How can that hurt you?” Then the fourth one decides the baby needs a bath, from which I was nice enough to extricate him about half way through—mewing now piteously.

I tell you, I felt like the Cat Lady. All I needed was the slippers.

The good news is we’ve had a chance to spend a few days with this little guy and we can vouch for the fact that a) he’s litter trained and b) he’s an absolute darling. He’s social, vocal (he’s got some Siamese in him for sure), loves to snuggle, and trusts people. A gem.

Send me an email if you’re interested. (De-wormer included).

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