Growing in Worship

Posted by: Richenda at Monday October 13, 2008 in

Guys! Get up! Really. I’m serious here. All y’all have to get back to church!

Here I am at seminary and I get to participate in some really wonderful worship services. The problem? I’m going to (eventually) graduate and I’m not going to be able to bring all that cool stuff to you at the parish. Why not? Because a lot of us don’t go to church so we don’t grow in Worship! And what a shame!

Don’t you crave sacred experiences in your life? Don’t you want to learn how to open yourself so you can hear God? Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend time experiencing the presence of God?

You do that with worship, especially worship that involves song, prayer, and community. Really. I promise. Get thee to a worship service. Find a pastor who speaks to you and a community who welcomes you and offers you a cookie. (My church is United Methodist. I can vouch for it, it’s great.) Whereever you go, just go! Practice spending time with God. Sing! Pray! Grow in worship! It’s worth it, I promise.

God is all around us. Just think what we’all could do together!

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