Happy Halloween!

Posted by: Richenda at Friday October 31, 2008 in

First day back to Northwest House with the term beginning on Halloween Night! lol.

Though an email circulated to suggest we should come dressed as our favorite
reformer, only one student dressed up at all. I guess the rest of us are still figuring out who our favorite reformers are, though the Lutherans should have come up with something. I mean, hello! What about Luther for goodness sake!?

Well, I suppose we will all get better at this.

But, dinner was wonderful as always. Thanks to Israel and Elizabeth for putting together a delicious and festive meal! Clam chowder (or veggie stew) in a bread bowl with pumpkin pie. Don’t you wish you attended Northwest House?

Here’s a picture of the decorated bread bowls to prove just how much fun they were:

As for the rest of the evening…


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