Congratulations Mr. Obama

Posted by: Richenda at Tuesday November 4, 2008 in

My son was 17 on November 4th, and what he wanted for his birthday was a President-elect Obama. Happy Birthday, Michael!

I am Canadian, but I married an American guy (what can I say, he was cute!). I had the privilege of being an up-close witness to the historic events of November 4th. I shared a sofa with two brand new voters, my daughter and her friend, both 18, who both voted for Obama. Not only did they get the joy of seeing their candidate win, but both girls were in tears as the camera’s readied for Obama’s acceptance speech and were enthralled during the speech itself.

I am Canadian, so I did not vote. But I have great respect for both candidates, especially the John McCain of the McCain-Feingold days. I thought his concession speech proved valiant and honorable. I am sad for the tone of the campaign, though. If this is the real McCain—and I feel it is—perhaps he would have had better luck just being himself. Half way through his speech my daughter’s friend looked at me with an expression of incredulity. None of the negative campaign ads had showed this side of John McCain. She blurted out, “I would have voted for him!”

Regardless, it is my great privilege to have been here in America during this historic evening. America is a great country, and I have great hopes for what Obama and Biden will be able to do.

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