Wholeness and Partiality: Who has done it?

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Each of us is like a tulip, pushing up from the earth, one life stretching out, reaching deep. We are ‘being watered’ and ‘being fed.’ Our aliveness is so magnificent and perfect that although we can contemplate it, we can never touch the comprehension of it.

Tulip Tapestry by Rod Brazier Flickr 2007 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.jpg

Each of us brings our tulip-self to the tapestry that is God’s creation. Who has done it, but the divine? The One who creates! Every hope of self will say you must eshew the passive voice, in writing, in living. Yet here is the truth: We are ‘being planted.’ We are ‘being threaded.’ We are ‘being grown, being loved, being drawn into the wholeness of the world.’

And who has done it but the divine?

God has orchestrated a concert of ultimate perfection we cannot understand. The whole comes together as God, the consummation weaver, grabs the threads together. We are ‘being pulled’ we are ‘being brought together.’ We are to become together into one, whole and filled, total consummation.

Forget the end times, that’s just the end.

This is total life:
Nothing added,
nothing taken away.

Do you hear that? You are ‘being heard’ into the orchestral body, your part completes the orchestral sound. We are drawn into the music note by note.

Violin by Jon Bunting Flickr 2015 CC BY 2.0.jpg

You are part of this completeness and perfection. You cannot be taken away from creation because even now you are ‘being created.’ You cannot be taken away from creation because then it would be less than perfect and that can’t happen because God’s plan is perfect.

Stop thinking in chronological time.

Stone upon stone upon stone by Andrea Flickr 2009 CC BY-NC 2.0.jpg

This rock has existence beyond this moment. These rocks are light travelers, time travelers. Rock has existence as a weight in the hand, an image to the eye. If you close your eyes and enter holy darkness you can hear the round, smoothed mineral edges being brushed by the river and the wind. Can your smell the salts? The iron? The clinging dust? This rock encompasses ‘time and place and being’ far beyond the senses or this moment.

God deals in whole lifetimes. God deals into whole after-life times. God’s time is not chronological it is everything right now. God brought Alpha and Omega together, not side by side or one after the other but interlocking, fulfilling everything all at once, edge to edge to edge to edge.

Passive Voice belongs to humans not to God.

We don’t know our own lifetime limits like the little we know this rock. It will outlast us. We may seem ‘dead‘—even three days dead—completely dead—but we are not!

We are alive.
It is complete.
It is finished.
It is written.
God has done it!

Yarding the yard by Mike Beauregard Flickr 2011 CC BY 2.0.jpg

We are all of us ‘partials.’ We talk about being whole, but when we are we are whole in God.

Wholeness is not aloneness.
Wholeness is completeness.
Wholeness is fulfilled-ness.

We are ‘now.’ We are material beings, not imaginary beings, we are ‘now.’ The ‘now’ of our perception is often ‘thing-ish,’ material only. We do not realize that as material we ‘matter.’

‘Now’ is so much bigger than we imagine. ‘Now’ is bigger than this rock, bigger than basaltic cliffs, bigger that the stone that rolled away. What if—thing about it—what if ‘now,’ right now, belongs wholly and completely to God?

Alpha and Omega.

We who are here are the rock.
We share in the divine breath,
Share in the divine vision,
share in the divine being,
death destroyed—
Love exploded—

This moment, the one you are living is so much bigger than you are. This moment culminates all right now.

Stained Glass by Ian Britton Flickr 2009 CC BY-NC 2.0.jpg

Why then, do we turn away?
Though we are told not to be afraid, it is cataclysmic to our ‘self’ to glimpse the totality of God. It is a shock—a blow—to feel our limitedness, or part-ed-ness. The truth falls like a ton of bricks. We want so much for us, for us! But life is letting go of self-ish-ness and self. We like the thought of actuation, of shouting, of power! We like less the thought of ‘being formed’ ‘being shouted’ and that the power goes to someone else.

Yet it is the truth. The material does not belong to us but to God. There is good news here for ‘self’ as well: As the material belongs to God, then we do, too.

Disillusioned by our ‘partiality’ we turn away from ourselves.
Disillusioned by our ‘partiality’ we turn away from wholeness,
refusing any agency if we cannot have it all.
But in doing that we turn away from our part.
In doing that we turn away from our self as instrument and instrumental.
Our being,
our thread,
our self,
our lifetimes,
our essential wholeness belongs as part of everything in God.

We may look away but God does not. For we are matter mattering. We are spiritual material. And God has done it.

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