A Psalm for Tuesday

Posted by: Richenda at Tuesday January 6, 2015 in

Psalm 2000

I am hurt
and I am angry about that.
I cannot be honest
and vulnerable about my hurt
or you will just hurt me again—
or worse.
I long for something better, but
my hurt makes me hate you.
And I have been hurting for too long. So—
I’ll hurt you back.
I’ll make you angry.
I’ll provoke you to rage, to madness, to violence,
you will never rest,
there will never be peace,
and all will see that you belong to the self-same suffering
that has captured me.

dıaptych(lεƒt) by Jef Safi 2008 Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This alone is right and fair: that you will suffer
as I have suffered,
as we all have suffered,
and you will see
I am the righteous one, here. We—
we will meet on the field of anger. And, if—
if you will not apologize,
if you will not agree to the world of my experiences
with my conditions,
with my demands,
if you refuse to hear me screaming
if you knock down my words, then—
oh, then—
there will be a clash,
there will be a war of fortresses,
and mutual annihilation.

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