A Wint'ry Charles Dickens. And Cats.

Posted by: Richenda at Sunday December 21, 2008 in

A layer of snow.
A layer of ice.
A layer of snow.
What a world! Crunch, crunch, crunch.

The layers spread out and cover all, snow on ice on snow—it’s like walking
on a giant windowpane packed top and bottom in tiny beads of Styrofoam.

And it’s pretty.

The walk to the mailbox proved a lot of fun, especially with the company of my sons, one who looked like a wint’ry Charles Dickens, the other who gave up trying to make snowballs with the powdery stuff to munch on the ice instead.

We’ve been snowbound for days, with only a quick break in the weather yesterday.

So, what do you do while the snow piles up outside?

Well…when you are trapped in a house with a filmmaker and a new camera, you get pictures. First was the “shutter project,” featuring a Borg action figure on a spinning turntable.

(It’s now a video if you have a Canon 5D Mark II and you’re interested.)

From there, he turned to taking pictures of the cats. lol.

And we got some good pictures, as Abbey (the tortie) proved herself a willing and photogenic model.

For you cat lovers, I’m including those pictures here, plus a larger size for downloading. They’re for your own fun, only. The photos are copyright Nathan Fairhurst and all rights are reserved.

Here’s a wonderful picture of Abbey. The snowstorm through the window behind
her ended up giving her a lovely aqua blue background.

Here’s a larger version of this photo.

Another of Abbey:

Here’s a larger version of this photo.

And this one is of Abbey on my son Michael’s shoulder.

Here’s a larger version of this photo.

Of course, we couldn’t let Abbey command all the attention, so we tracked down Oliver, who was asleep—and camera shy. Ollie is always up for a scratch, however, so with a little nuzzling we calmed him down enough to “smile” for the camera.

Isn’t he a darling? And to think someone dumped him in the woods at Christmas time (how many years ago?). He almost died of pneumonia, but we pulled him through. He’s every bit as sweet as he looks. Here’s a larger version of Ollie’s picture if you want one.

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