Needed: Teutonic Shift

Posted by: Richenda at Monday July 7, 2014 in

My frustration with the image of the sprout as the visual exemplar of the new church is the implication that growth results from agonists or prodigals in isolation, that a single lonely seed is called to be the savior of its kind—or all will perish utterly. Of the millions of sprouts that push up from underground, all in this image are suddenly set apart and lonely. Yet they are the lucky ones whose growth attracts our admiration and our longing. In their ‘genius’ set-apartness, they quickly succumb to the gaze and demands of enlightenment salvation, and meet their glory in the championed “I” as in “SELF.” Such is the rise and fall of the cult of celebrity church.

But, as Rev. L. Carl Martin so perfectly and accidentally said, we need a ‘Teutonic Shift.’ The remedy is demotion for the “i” and for relationship to challenge the deification of “self.” No single seed grows alone. There must always be a neuro, eco, bio, divination system. In short, if WE are going to live and reach for a vital growing church, let us not mistake the forest for a tree.

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