Shout out to the Blue Pepper

Posted by: Richenda at Wednesday March 11, 2009 in

A word for the wonderful: a shout out for the Blue Pepper, a coffee shop + in Salem, Oregon, and the location of our weekly, friendly, pre-chapel ‘theology over coffee’ talks. I tell you, it is just so nice to have a bagel and coffee and talk for a while with my Episcopalian, UCC, Lutheran, and fellow Methodist(s) friend(s) (plus any others who might be around!).

I am trying to understand why all seminaries cannot be as ecumenical as ours. Here I am reading Niebuhr regarding ‘relational ethics’ and remembering when we talked about Pauline ethics last term and it seems to me that you have to, have to, have to seek and embrace community in the expression of religion. Whatever you take from it, there is value. Agree or disagree, you can bet, where ever two or more of us are gathered

So I ask you. How did parishes become little kingdoms? Can we do something about this? (Yes! We are busy solving the theological problems of the world over coffee. lol.)

Thank you to the Pepper for its great ambiance, comfy chairs, and hot coffee in the morning!