New Directions

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It’s been a while! Can I plead “Seminary”?

And for those reading this who have been to seminary, you will know exactly what I am talking about, here. I am working on my ‘Masters in Divinity’ (yes, there is such a degree, lol! No hubris there, eh?) and it is the longest most in-depth masters degree you can get. It’s an all-encompassing, overwhelming, amazing process. Compared to seminary just about everything else seems trivial. I get it why Orthodox Jewish boys learn nothing but Torah (The book of Instructions for Jewish Life given to Moses by God) in school. Spending 24-7 with “the God Question” is an amazing thing to get to do.

BUT. I will also say that such exclusive study has decided drawbacks. “Life” is an ongoing and unfolding gift. If we engage scripture exclusively, we lose the richness of the realities of Life itself and therefore miss vital opportunities to better understand “the God Question” in context. We were not created in exclusivity: the land under our feet and the doings of our neighbors has always framed, informed, feed, infuriated, frustrated and inflamed us. And all alliteration aside, if we are going to dare to ask the “what are we, what is God” question, we have to talk to each other to really get at the subject.

SO. After a while of Seminary study, regardless of how glorious it is to sink deep into Iraenaus—and to be fair I haven’t sunk into Iraenaus that deep, yet. His book is on my to-be-read pile—you surface in desperate need for some 2010 perspective on how things are going around Earth in general.

AND FINALLY, I can read for myself that what I have written here is mostly Blah Blah Blah so, let me get beyond excuse-making and say that I’ve been missing Saltwater Scrolls and I am attempting a comeback. Over the last 15 years I have encountered a lot of great books. First in the writing of my novel The Saint and the Fasting Girl, then in my return to school. As such, my plans for Saltwater Scrolls are to shine a light on great books and the authors who have contributed so much in writing them.

Let me mention that this new direction will not lead to a book blog for fiction—there are a lot of very fine book bloggers out there who do this already. Instead, this will be a blog for the source material. The researchers, academics, trouble-makers and miscreants who dig, compile, translate, photograph and interpret the rich history of our human endeavors. My emphasis will be medieval and/or religious history and subject matter.

IN CLOSING please let me say I hope this new approach has value for you. And if not…well…there are a lot of other fun things to do on the web.

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