A Penny Saved

Posted by: Richenda at Sunday July 6, 2008 in

Often after church on Sunday I head out to do a little shopping…milk, eggs, butter, the kids’ lunches…something for dinner…

I am not the only one, and I suspect that the local grocery is full of local Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Mega Non-Doms, in addition to the United Methodists from my little church. When I meet up with someone from my congregation in the store, it is almost an extended moment of fellowship. We’re connected, somehow, and today more than if we were to meet on any other day. This connection is acknowledged with a shared smile (I know where you just were!), a quick ‘hi!’ (wasn’t the Praise Band great today?) or a lingering chat in the grape juice isle (Bob and I both miss the choir now that they have recessed for the summer).

We can also share a giggle. —Save a penny, anyone? Because local NW Apricots are on sale.

Yep. Save a penny a pound. (I’ve highlighted the savings for you using CORELphotopaint.) It’s the bargain of the day.

(The world is a silly place.)

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