Art Show at Clinton Corners

Posted by: Richenda at Saturday June 7, 2008 in

Date night! What a lovely evening it was, too. Jon took me out to SE Portland, to Clinton Corners Cafe off Division Street where his good friend Ron Braithwaite was showing some of his beautiful photographs.

What a treat. Ron’s photographs were crisp, curvaceous, urban organic mesh, I perhaps especially loved a black and white with a snag in the foreground echoed in a round, open stone in the distant canyon. In addition, many were framed by artist Carole Lynn Good-Hanson who worked with waterfalls of glass, adding a liquid, lolly texture to the print. I cornered Ron and Carole for a picture.

As for the venue, it was a little small for the crush attracted for the show, but this was probably only a problem for the wait staff who had to practice a vertical sort of limbo to squeeze in and around the throng. Jon and I sat down and ordered dinner, what a great idea that turned out to be! Clinton Corners Cafe is a small restaurant, so how they keep their chef I have no idea, but the food was absolutely perfect. A mix of eclectic, upscale, and home cooking with hearty portions, quality fresh ingredients, and a lovely presentation. We split a Caesar Salad and the special, fish and organic chips for $10 a plate. Dinner was so good, we indulged in dessert, Chocolate Mousse for Jon, not too sweet, perfect consistency, and deep dish apple pie with vanilla ice-cream for myself. Goodies courtesy of the bakery that shared the premises. Mmm…

After dinner, we schmoozed a bit more with the artloving throng, then capped the evening with a walk along the verdant city blocks. The houses there were built between 1906 and 1930, it seemed like, with one old barn suspiciously older. Most were nicely kept, and many were lush with verdant herbs that pushed out onto the sidewalk or exploded from pots across porches. Loved it. My idea of heaven, actually.

Along the walk we passed a well tended riot of organic greenery. It belonged to New Day School, which claimed to be Neo-Humanist. I liked that, but it got me thinking, What’s a Neo-Humanist? (I know, I know. Why spoil a perfectly good evening with socio-political intellectual stuff? Suffice it to say, whoever these Neo-Humanists are, they grow beautiful gardens.) It was so beautiful, I took pictures of the walk,

and I’m guessing even John Locke never had a garden this good

(though perhaps Adam and Eve once did).

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