Festival of Homiletics: Day Five

Posted by: Richenda at Thursday May 22, 2008 in

Well, I finally had a chance to live a sample of the monastic life—I attended three services by 3:30 this afternoon. If you include the musical prayer session, that’s four. I don’t know when I’ll get an opportunity to do that again! (And yes, I bought another book by Walter Brueggemann.)

Another day of wonderful worship, song, and service. Here’s a link for you, a church in Ohio pastored by Michael Slaughter. Though his “‘Christmas is not your birthday’ social justice exhortations, he and his thriving congregation feed 76,000 in Darfur, have opened 90 schools there, and here in the US have opened food pantries and more.

At this amazing church, they basically live out Jesus’ words to go out into the world and love their neighbors as themselves. This is an amazing ministry, and best of all, this is the vision of what is possible for all of us. We can, each of us, all of us, make a difference.


And shout outs to vocalist Jearlyn Steele—wow what a woman and what a voice! —and Jazz pianist Butch Thompson. Mr. Thompson played the piano primarily, but treated us to three songs on the clarinet, and truly, I promise you, I have never, never heard the clarinet played so beautifully in all my life. What an honor to get to hear them.

And what a treat to be in Minneapolis today! My mother wanted to travel by skyway, but I confess to fearing that I would get hopelessly lost. And, as the sun was shining, I won out.

But what a way to be out on the walk! The downtown was hopping with busy, congregating folk. Couples and conference goers and shoppers and street musicians in the middle of a bustling, buzzing city. Two cops rolled along on matching Segways (I admit they looked a little silly—but silly in a good way, you know? Like it was okay to be a cop on a Segway on a sunny Thursday afternoon in a happy city. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of this.)

There was also a wonderful caramel-kissed husky asleep under a canopy of art for sale, his muzzle nestled between his paws on the cool stone walkway. Such a sweetie. And a few steps more took us along the colorful box-markets of vegetables and fruits, which were a little sun-weary, perhaps, but beautiful anyway as a display of color and plenty.

What a city. What a week.

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