Festival of Homiletics: Day Two

Posted by: Richenda at Monday May 19, 2008 in

Things are getting busy! Good food, good music, good services. And Mom and I enjoyed another lovely Island dinner tonight, this one at Brit’s Pub. This morning we enjoyed a visit to Hell’s Kitchen, which serves wonderful healthy and eclectic food. Yum!

Just a quick note this morning, services start at 8:30 and we have devotionals, prayers, and breakfast to get to.

Some pictures of the Central Lutheran Church, inside and out. The pictures (taken in dingy weather with a cellphone camera) do not do the place justice. It’s absolutely magnificent, truly, truly. We were also treated to songs from the choir and wow, don’t they sound amazing.


This sign (below) made us both giggle. Similar signs appear outside a number of restaurants in Minneapolis. I’m thinking, it’s a really good thing folks here are nice, because…well, I already mentioned what a lot of bars they have here. And I was thinking, guns too? Do we really want to be mixing bars and guns all that much?

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