Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted by: Richenda at Thursday March 19, 2009 in

Do Blogs go to Sheol when they die? It isn’t Easter yet, but the resurrection is now. My blog burst into smithereens with a “repair tables” complaint that led to complete corruption of the database. You are reading the first blog of…Series II, I guess.

I have all blogs backed up through to Dec 9, 2008. And I only blogged once in February and twice in March. But I had some lovely blogs in January about the snow, and standing in line in the overcrowded, blizzard-panicked grocery store and they are now gone, all gone.

I think I will create an archive page instead of trying to reintegrate the archive.

I think I have to start all over again with the ‘About me’ page and the ‘comments’ page and I will try not to feel too sorry for myself. After all, this is a small thing.

>>This is me not feeling sorry for myself. :-(

Wait…What is it the brits say? “Keep Calm and Carry On.” (sigh). Okay. I’ll do that.

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